Is there an app to design tattoos? – Tattoo Designs For Women Roses

There is an app to find tattoo artists in New York City. Click here to find the right tattoo artist.

Can I get tattoos at a college and have them signed?

Yes, you can do student tattoos and have them signed with your student ID.

Where might I find me a good tattoo artist?

You can check out the NYS Board of Health’s list of tattoo parlors.

What is a tattoo license?

In order to get a tattoo license in New York, you have to have a medical degree and have at least one full year of training in the body art industry (i.e., tattoo).

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When can I get a tattoo?

Tattoos on a person’s body are permissible under certain conditions.

Tattoos on a visible part of their body, such as their face, are okay, but are prohibited during the first 18 months after being a New York resident.

Any tattoos on a person under 21 are prohibited as long as those tattoos are approved as being body art and are being placed for non-profit purposes. The following are not accepted by the N.Y. state licensing board:

Nontherapeutic: the placement of tattoo is for non-profit educational, charitable, or artistic purposes.

Graphic, or sexual, symbols (e.g., symbols of genitalia, buttocks, under-arms, etc.).

Masturbation in public.


Nudists (e.g., bathing or diving).

Public nudity.

Sexual activity.

Exhibition of the genitals.

Seduction or lewdness.


Unwanted genitalia.

Sexualized depictions of a child in a position of sexual intimacy (e.g., showing a child wearing or being nude).

Sexualized sexual conduct (e.g., masturbation).

Sexualized nudity. Anonymity of the person may not be used.

Sexually explicit images (e.g., pornography).

Pornography involving the infliction of pain and suffering.

Advertising or promotion of the genitalia.

Advocating for or promoting abortion and contraceptives.

Advocating against pregnancy.

Advocacy relating to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or cure of any disease, disorder, injury, or deformity.


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