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The Muslim is obligated to offer prayers at least once a day, and there are also two categories of “obedience”: (1) “I’ll do as you order me” or (2) “I’m doing what you say”.

Islam has been used to explain various social, theological and political issues for thousands of years. As such, the definition of one of the major sins is very particular, and in many respects, the Qur’an, Islam’s Holy Book is the single greatest tool of the human intellect for understanding the nature of the universe, and what is required for personal and collective survival. Islam is so complex that it cannot be understood by many people on its own terms, but only fully comprehended by the wisdom and insight of its spiritual masters and the wisdom of Allah. The truth about Islam is that there is no right way for Muslims to live Islam, and every person has the possibility to choose the right way.

The main tenets of Islam have been passed down from generation to generation, as the message of the Prophet Muhammad, upon whom is being built the foundation of Islam, has been repeated endlessly from the earliest times, and so every one of the main Qur’anic verses and Hadith can help guide an individual in interpreting Islam in their own way. The most important aspects of Islam are:

1. God’s sovereignty

“God is in control over you, over the whole world.”

– Quran 4:83

2. Freedom of choice

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“Whatever your right hand possesses, let that be that that you have; and whatever your left hand possesses, let it be that that you have; for God loves not the arrogant.”

– Quran 2:256

3. Honour

“As for the Prophet [Allah bless him and give him peace], who has been given the right to be revered by the people, and whom God has chosen as a guide for the people, and whom God has honoured and exalted as a mercy and helper. His guidance is for you.”

– Quran 55:15

4. Right speech and action

“[…] [T]he words of the Prophet are more sacred than the sun in the heavens.”

– Quran 4:33.

5. Right deeds

“[…] [T]his religion is for those who submit to God, but they who reject [it]. Verily, God does not guide those who refuse guidance.”

– Quran 2:257


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