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“Lotus” is derived from a Sanskrit root that has no real meaning of its own in the current sense. “Lotus” is “Lotus Flower,” which has a literal signification, “lotus.” Lotus is considered to be the ultimate symbol.

The Lotus flowers have a different symbolic meaning for many different cultures. In China, Chinese people, Buddhist, and Taoist monks worship Lotus flowers as a holy symbol, for the Buddha, for the path he walked, for the path of non-violence he taught. When the monk, who is the Buddhist form of the Buddha, was born and is in the final phase of his life, he will enter into seclusion and will take the name of the Lotus flower during this phase, a symbol to show this. The idea that the Lotus is the true symbol of the universe is not present. This is why the Buddhist monks wear a crown of flowers on their head, a crown of flowers that, when pressed, will display a image of the Buddha.
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In India, the Lotus is the same symbol as the Buddha. The Lotus is also used by the Chinese as a sacred symbol, because it is very similar to the symbol of the sun. The Lotus in Chinese is very different from the flower, because it is very bright, whereas the flower is white, and has lots of black spots on it. Because of this, the white part is used to represent the sun and the black part is used to represent the death. The Buddhists in India and China have a tradition of the use of lotus. In fact, if they go to the temple and open their holy temple, they don’t even see that it is closed. The white of the lotus is the water. The water is an element of Buddhism, and they feel very uncomfortable when they see a lotus flower in the temple.

The Indian tradition of Buddha worship started in Bengal and the Chinese began to practice it in Sichuan and in Inner Mongolia in the 13th and 14th century. The main reason for this was that after the Yuan dynasty, the people who founded the Han and Ming dynasties, they didn’t pay much attention to Buddhism. At that time, it was considered a religion with no practical value.

However, after the fall of the Qing dynasty, the Japanese emperor came to power. The Japanese had been under an influence of Buddhism in China and they realized that it is very important to protect Buddhism throughout China. At that time the Japanese emperor

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