What does the swallow tattoo mean?

How big is the swallow tattoo?

What is the ‘S-Pole’ symbol?

How do swallows work and why do hawks sometimes use swallows for hunting?

How does the ‘G-Ring’ (or other g-rings) on a baby’s foot work?

How many swallows can you feed, and why should you be careful and not overfeed?

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How long does a swallow live?

How much water is in the swallow’s mouth?

How many swallows are there in one day?

How can you tell the age of a swallow?

What about crows and their ‘twinkling’ wing? Why do crows have ‘twinkling’ wing in their beaks?

What about the ‘dancing lark’?

Which species of finch does not fly?

Which species of finch is the ‘spinning’ finch? Why do some spinning finches dance around like this?

What do swallows eat?

Which species of hawks are not called ‘falcons’?

Who is the “lion of the lake”?

Will they ever breed in UK waters again? Will this be the end of fish farming for the UK?

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Is there anything to eat before it gets wet?

What about a goose before it gives birth?

Is there a ‘scent’? Can you smell it before you can see it?

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Can you use perfume to get rid of smell?

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Will birds fly off when they smell something that might be a danger?

What about a scented garden? Can you make flowers smell like scented rain?

A scented garden is a garden where you can plant your own perfume and live there for 6 months, but we’d love to know how you made it.

How do you make flowers smell like rain?

So, do you smell like rain, but you can’t make them smell