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From food to the end of the story. (For more, see The Real Bible: The True Stories in the Bible: No, Seriously.)

When to eat? When you are hungry, thirsty, and cold. (For more, see The Real Bible: The Christian’s Guide to Cooking.)

Wine? Wine is the main ingredient in wines that are produced in Israel today.

Fat? Fat is in all foods. Fat means calories.

So what is the real Bible on food? It has plenty of foods that are good for you, but the Bible also has plenty of foods that are bad for you. The Bible prohibits eating pork on the basis that pork is a meat eaten by idolatrous pagan gods.

The most effective way to help you avoid all meat is to learn to cook! If you have never cooked, there are a few helpful books that will teach you how to do that.

From a report by the Institute for Policy Studies, the U.S. Department of Education is pushing for a “national, integrated learning framework.” This framework would be developed by the Secretary of Education and funded by a national program to finance education.

Under the so-called Framework, the federal government would: (1) expand the number of states that have “college and career ready” standards, standards that ensure a high-level of competency in college-level coursework; and (2) provide a nationwide “accountability system” which has the power to suspend or revoke the right to earn a college degree when students cannot demonstrate their capacity to meet the standards, according to the report.

The report also notes some states have already taken up this fight and have already pushed forward national standards. The only issue here is, how do you define “college and career ready,” a concept that is currently not defined or even thought about when it comes to student access to higher education?

The study also notes that over two-thirds of students (64 percent) attending public schools do not receive their high school diploma and that the typical college student has a higher GPA than those who do not get a degree, which helps explain why the “college and career ready” label is becoming a bigger issue for the college industry.

In other words, we are asking students on a national scale to be responsible for their education.

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