What foods does the Bible say not to eat? – Small Tattoo Designs For Women’s Hands

I am guessing it is something to do with this book of Leviticus.

Here is the original part.

The LORD said to Moses, I have put my spirit in you and you have given me all the commandments and I have given you understanding from the beginning.

I am going to read you the first three verses. And this is a nice big list of what is prohibited in the Torah.

You are prohibited from:

1- Eating the blood of a human being. 2- Eating any part of a human being, and 3- Eating the flesh of a dog (any animal) and the flesh of a bird.

So all non-slaughtered poultry, goat and swine are prohibited, not just birds. The Leviticus Laws also cover the eating and eating of the animal parts of animals in the kosher state. The Levitical Laws don’t have a ban on the eating of cockroaches, or the eating of the meat that flies. It is still forbidden, though, to eat the blood of animals, or the blood of an animal that has gone through the process of circumcision.

So, if the Leviticus Laws didn’t have a ban on eating cockroaches, you would just have to eat cockroaches.

2- Eating meat of an animal that had not menstruated. 3- Eating meat of an animal that had not laid eggs. 4- Eating any part of a cow’s or goat’s flesh that had become blood. 5- Any part of any animal that was alive or in the prime of life.

So all milk or cow’s milk (from cows, bulls or goats) is prohibited. It just so happens that this law includes all meat, and does not distinguish between milk and the blood from the outside. All that makes it forbidden to eat is the animal’s meat (blood). That’s how much we have to understand about this. The animal that was alive at the beginning of our lives is the only part of it that we can eat. I guess if there was some blood on the outside, that is OK, but we won’t eat it. We would just say that you are eating the meat of an animal that has shed human blood, i.e., we are not eating anything that lives after death.

So you may be wondering why animals are not included in this law. Apparently that is because the entire purpose of the Leviticus Laws was for food (food to eat

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