Where can I find tattoo designs? – Odin Viking Tattoo Designs For Men Arms Png

Tattoo designs for adults and younger children are available at:

The tattoo artist’s gallery (

The tattoo shop (

Other places to find tattoos:

In-store at:

The Tattoo Parlour, P.O. Box 51680, Toronto, ON, M6Z 6L7 or online

(819) 498-2581, (866) 966-7958, (416) 396-1220

The Toronto Star Tattoo & Piercing Gallery, 30 Yonge St. N., Toronto, ON, M6P 3E1

Hours: daily 10am until 3pm; 1st and 4th Saturdays through Sundays, 10am to 5pm or to 4pm, whichever comes first

(416) 939-9555

(819) 498-2581 (voice) 819-498-2265 (fax)

The Tattoo Clinic, 1/16 St. Clair Ave., Toronto, ON, M6V 1L1

Hours: Sunday 1pm to 6pm


From the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, turn west onto Bloor St. W. Continue left on Bloor St. W. Continue to Bloor St. E. Pass the entrance for the Eaton Centre Mall and turn left directly after passing the food court/stores. Continue along the north side of Bloor. At the end of the block you will see the tattoo artist’s shop.

(800) 822-2266 (voice) (819) 498-2581 (fax)

How do I pay?

Small Compass Tattoo Ideas - Back of Neck Spine Womens ...
Payment is usually by cash, money order, debit card, or a credit card. Visa and MasterCard can accept debit cards and MasterCard money orders. Check your local bank or credit union’s regulations before you go.

Is there anywhere to get an international service?

There are many Toronto businesses that provide international service. In Toronto, there are many businesses operating such as:

The Tattoo Parlour offers a wide selection of international tattoos in Toronto, including custom designs in English and international styles.

Open 24 hours

Toronto, ON M4V 1C8

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm


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