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Laser Tattoo Removal: Common Side Effects And Aftercare

Tattoos are generally made to be removed using anesthetic. There are different procedures.

Odourless techniques that are more easy to perform, but are more likely to cause pain, scarring, and complications are:

Cryosurgery: A special procedure to remove the tattoo using the freezing of the ink.

Cryomask: A special plastic sheet that’s pressed flat, to which the tattoo is tied. This minimizes the risk of infection.

Deep tissue aspiration: This procedure is used to remove the tattoo from deeper tissue than other methods. It generally requires a special equipment set-up.

There are also methods of tattoo removal that are considered less effective. These are the less commonly done procedures:

Varnish removal: A highly toxic chemical used to remove any remaining dye from a tattoo. It typically does not remove the ink itself.

Etching: A process in which the ink itself is removed by rubbing the ink with a chemical. This does not generally remove the ink.

In most of these cases, the cost of the tattoo or the tattoo supplier is the main factor in determining the cost to remove the tattoo.

How long does it take to remove a tattoo?

This depends on the type of tattoo you’re getting.

Some tattoos such as an eagle have a tattoo removal time of only three days while others take two or more weeks to be removed.

The average length of time between a tattoo removal and an appointment is usually four to six months.

You can get a tattoo in as little as three days or five days if using a tattoo removal service.

Can I remove a tattoo at home?

Yes. You can leave the tattoo on for up to four hours. However, it’s best to have an appointment on a regular, scheduled holiday.

Can I get a new tattoo when I have an existing one?

You often can. The only way you can get a new tattoo is to have it removed.

Why do some people have more or less pain during tattoo removal than others?

Many different reasons are behind this.

The type of ink on the tattoo is a major factor.

The skin may be more sensitive to changes in temperature than others.

There may also be something in the place the tattoo is placed where it seems the tattoo removal procedure is easier. There has also been a big increase in the number of tattoos using

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