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  Not likely, but there are other options available.  Tattoos are quite fragile.  When removed, there are many opportunities for infection, which is also known as post-luminal reaction.  If a tattoo is left untreated, it may eventually lead to cancer.  This is why it is important to have a professional do the removal if needed.  There are other tattoo removal options available.  If there is an ink tattoo that is not a danger to health, it can be removed with a small laser and the patient may be well and return to his/her life.  A simple, straightforward procedure can help lower any worries about recovery.  Another option is to dye a tattoo with a dye that can be used as anti-bacterial.  You can get the dye for free, even from your health care practitioner.  After the tattoo is removed, it is possible for the dye to stay in the new skin for many hours. This can be dangerous.  To completely eliminate all ink infections, the person, especially a young patient, will need to have skin cultures applied.  The skin can develop cancer as a result of the presence of toxic, carcinogenic materials.  This was shown when the patients had tattoos.  The tattoos do not protect the skin from all types of substances, but they are a way to minimize the possibility of developing more cancers. Another alternative option is to put an antibiotic into the skin.  This is not recommended for a tattoo since it is not a permanent marker.  It is best to see a doctor for the specific procedure.  You will need to find out which antibiotic to give and it will need to be used within three weeks.  You also need to see if it is toxic and whether it will be toxic if it gets into organs that require a lot of blood.  You need to make sure to be careful about any medication you put in your patient.  The doctor may refer you to a pharmacy for alternative options and you will need to discuss how the procedure affects how you can use this medication.

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