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Is this an issue with a specific location of the tattoo? I have one tattoo on my back left bicep and I wish it was the same because I have this scar on my back. It’s not, but it’s hard to see it. Is there another way to get rid of my scar and not have a tattoo?

Answer by Alex, North Carolina (via e-mail, March 2015):

Alex, I think that this depends a lot on the tattoo in question — or the person’s overall health. Generally, though, if an individual has a scar, it’s unlikely they’ll go back and forth between getting a tattoo and leaving a scar.

In fact, it doesn’t seem likely that you’d even do these things — there’s no obvious reason (other than the fact tattoos could be a trigger for skin cancer) that would compel you to put your life at risk. So, in essence, you’re right. But if you’re an adult, you may well decide to get skin cancer if you’re not ready or able to get it treated. So, that’s why tattoo removal, and the scar removal, should be the number one priority for the individual looking to leave skin cancer, even if they have a scar in the first place.

To answer your next question (in which you suggest other places to get rid of skin cancer), it’s important to understand what skin cancer actually is. Basically, the most common kind is malignant melanoma. This is when melanocytes (brown skin cells) are exposed to the sun’s UV rays, damaging the DNA. Melanoma can be classified:

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Famous cases include “Wings Over the World” actor Tom Cruise, and “Frozen” heroine Elsa Arendelle. There are many, many more. Most of the skin cancers are melanoma, but there are also a few other forms. In fact, I’d estimate that up to half of the cancers are thought to have common causes (such as age, genetics, body location, medications, or exposure to sunlight), but we can’t predict the future. We know what the risk of skin cancer is across the United States (where this particular blog site was originally published) and it’s far less than the estimated lifetime risk of melanoma (more than 1 in 10,000).

Skin cancer doesn’t necessarily disappear the same day it’s found. It’s possible it’s just going to recur at some point — though the chance of having a skin

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