Can a tattoo be surgically removed? – Tattoo Removal Reddit

Yes. Tattoo removal is a very common procedure, usually in children younger than 8 years old.

How can you prevent future tattoos?

The best thing we can do is prevent the spread of disease to the skin (this means not spreading STDs to others). We can also reduce your exposure to skin-eating bacteria. You should wear proper personal protective equipment to prevent skin infections. We also recommend removing or removing any skin covering during surgery. You should always take the time to clean out your area after surgery by washing off all the old tattoo skin immediately prior to your next procedure.

Can a cancer survivor have a tattoo?

Absolutely! Cancer survivors may have their old tattoos removed or have the skin surrounding the tattoos removed to prevent infection. It is often painful and sometimes very uncomfortable, but the benefits are worth the pain!

What is the best way to choose a tattoo artist?

It depends on your interests and wishes, and your location preferences. In most cases, professional tattoo artists will consider your tattoo to be a significant part of your identity. Many tattooists also have a good body of experience in your area and other tattoos. Many tattoo shops carry several types of tattooers. The types of tattoo artists who work for each of these shops are shown below.

Please note that you are not a “patient” of a tattoo shop. You are a client and should not expect a one-on-one relationship with a tattoo artist. We try to accommodate your individual needs, but we are your partners and we work for your money. If we don’t make your appointment or your tattoo is deemed inappropriate for your aesthetic needs, we have no problem refunding your money for any other good or service you may have.

Tattooing in San Diego

San Diego is renowned for tattooing, but this city also has a lot of good tattoo shops. Most of the major tattoo shops in San Diego (and also Orange County) will have you covered in an hour or less, although longer and more elaborate services may take a little longer to get done.

Note: Because many tattoo parlors in San Diego won’t take a deposit on a new client and will only take new clients who show up on the first day, if you can’t find an artist in the shop and want to try out a new one, you might want to try another location and see what you like.

How to find a tattoo for a person

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