What is r20 tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal At Home

r20 tattoo removal surgery is also known as ‘wetting’ or ‘skin opening’. It will remove any tattoo marks around your body (like the scars left by a cancerous tumour or a birthmark) and can be done to anyone.

The procedure is carried out by using a needle and a liquid to dissolve the tattoo pigment. It’s normally done in two stages, first using saline to wash away the dead skin and then using a combination of saline, alcohol and painkillers called anesthetic to cause the tattoo to dissolve.

What is ‘wetting’ tattoo removal?

There is a tiny piece of skin on the top of the tumour or birthmark, which will be removed later, after you’ve had the tattoo removed.

A ‘wetting’ tattoo removal treatment is also called ‘exfoliating’, and is done by applying a mild solution of vegetable-based salicylic acid, which removes the top layer of your skin. We use this treatment for the most sensitive tattoos which are sensitive to the acid. To minimise the skin damage and discomfort during this treatment, you will only be allowed to use the liquid or water.

The first ‘wetting’ tattoo removal treatment usually takes three to four days, depending on your tattoos. The second treatment will be done within three to four days of the first, to avoid any skin damage during this time.

What is the type of tattoo removal surgery?

The r20 tattoo removal surgery is a more invasive procedure than other tatoo removal procedures, and in most cases will take a few days longer than other routine tattoo removal treatments performed on skin cancer patients.

The procedure typically involves removing a small amount of the top layer of skin on the upper arm, and the second stage is usually done under local anaesthetic.

What is a r20 tattoo removal treatment?

At our specialised UK tattoo removal clinic, r20 tattoo removal is performed by using an anaesthetic injection of an anesthetic gel and a needle and a liquid.

You will receive a treatment which takes up to ten hours, depending on the size of your tattoo and your scars. You will be given painkillers if you want to stop the procedure, but if you’re going to have any further treatment it will be carried out at home afterwards.

A second stage of r20 tattoo removal is known as ‘exfoliating,’ or r2t tattoo. The purpose of this procedure is to remove remaining pigment

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