Can a tattoo be surgically removed?

A tattoo usually cannot be removed except within 8 to 12 weeks, except for major surgery. A non-surgical procedure to permanently remove a tattoo, called a flap graft, is available as an outpatient procedure.

A flap graft is made by taking the top layer of skin that covers the tattoo and stapling it onto a second layer of normal skin. The skin cells on the second layer are transplanted into the tattoo. The new skin is thinner and less sensitive to temperature and pressure than the original layer, which may help explain why some tattoo clients see the tattoo for years without seeing a permanent change.

What is the length of my tattoo?

The size of an inch usually corresponds with the area covered by the tattoo. Tats measuring more than 6 inches in size will rarely go on an arm, but the length of a single-elaborate tattoo on the body can vary from as short as 5 inches to as long as 12 inches.

Where are tattoos usually placed?

Tattoos usually go on in one of three places on the body — at the shoulder and arm, at the breast and crotch, and above the neck on the back. Tats also sometimes spread across the chest, belly, or chest area. A few tattoos are only found on the head.

Why do tattoos show up on my fingers and toes?

Tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, but they usually appear first on digits.

How can I recognize a tattoo?

Tattoos often have small, tiny blood vessels, which can be seen by gently tapping the skin. If the tattoo is larger or more elaborate, the blood vessels may appear larger or scarier, depending on what’s being painted on the skin. Also, some tattoos are stenciled onto the skin, which is difficult to distinguish from a natural tattoo.

What kind of tattoo can help a person to lose weight?

Strokes and cancers can easily increase a patient’s risk of developing obesity. The most powerful ways to reduce weight gain and help weight loss are by changing your daily habits and eating healthfully and by reducing salt and sugar intake. In addition to eating healthfully, many tattoo patients also use special makeup and make improvements and use anti-depressants regularly.

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