Are newer tattoos easier to remove?

Or are people simply not using the correct tools? Do most people need to reapply daily, and will they experience some discomfort, or even infection if so?

The current study is certainly more research than it is a trial. More studies are absolutely needed here, as many areas of tattoo removal are still poorly understood. There’s a lot that goes into the removal of tattooed skin, and it’s a daunting task that only requires experienced tattooers to be successful. In fact, one study from the same group did not find that tattoos hurt as a result of treatment, possibly because only one of the six participants in that study had used permanent ink in the past, meaning it was a group of mostly inexperienced tattooers.

However, I do believe that we are beginning to see a shift away from tattoo removal being the sole responsibility of professional tattooists, and towards more of an active, hands-on approach. We are seeing many people who had previously avoided tattoo removal due to the possibility of bleeding or infection being willing to use tattoo removal tools, and that could change a lot of what goes on here. Also, even though tattoo removal tools are far more advanced than we often think, they are far from perfect.

I am not going to go into the details, but here is a quote from Wikipedia as an introduction to tattoo removal and what it actually consists of:

To remove a permanent tattoo, the skin under the epidermis is removed through a procedure called dermis peelings (often accompanied by a thin film called adhesive tape on the affected area). A small amount of hair is also removed, which is thought to improve the quality of the skin’s natural oils and help heal the burn. Another method is to shave the tattooed area to get the tattoo free.

There are lots of variations on these methods used in different areas of tattoo removal. With these exceptions, most of the methods work similarly:

The skin under the epidermis is removed through dermis peelings (often accompanied by adhesive tape) and razor blade trimming. The hair is removed with a razor, a razors edge, tweezers, or a combination of these methods.

What tattoos do you still need to take care of after having them removed? Are these the things you’re focusing on right now? What are some things that people are doing to keep the scars from showing or getting worse? How do you keep the skin alive and healthy?

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