Can salt and lemon juice remove a tattoo? – Tattoo Removal Cream Kit

A: Yes. When we applied the cream directly to the skin, we added a good dose of sodium hydroxide, a harsh acid. Salt and lemon juice gently absorb the salt and hydroxide and remove the chemical tattoos. The pH of the tattoo tattoo will be high, and the acid in the formula will dissolve and strip the ink (if it is left on for more than a few hours); therefore, it is not a good alternative for removal. Please see our FAQ about sodium hydroxide removal for more information on why sodium hydroxide is not good for removal of tattoos.

Q: Can salt water peel a tatoo?

A: Salt water, like salted fish or salty seaweed, will not strip your tattoo. However, it has been reported that people who choose to cook with saltwater are sometimes unable to peel their tatoos. Therefore, if you have any concerns about your tatoo, ask your health care provider or tattoo artist about using a salt rinse instead of using salt water. Also, salt water does not actually remove chemical tattoos – only the salt in your water will remove it. To learn more about tatoo removal and salting salt, please see our FAQ about whether salt is good for removal of chemical tatotabcks.

Q: How does salt oil work?

A: Salt oil contains sodium hydroxide, and this is the acid that leaves the tattoo tattoo untouched. Salt oil does not remove chemical tattoos – it is used to remove chemical tattoo tattoos only. Sodium hydroxide is also used in salting salt water, which is not the same as salting and removing the ink. The reason that salt oil removes tatotabs is that it contains a salt concentration greater than that found in salt water – it is too expensive and too difficult to find sodium hydroxide, and so is used for the salting process.

Q: Is salt water a good method for removing blood?

A: If you have any concerns about bleeding, please see more about blood removal on the blood removal page.


Q: Does sodium hydroxide contain harmful additives?

A: Although sodium hydroxide has no hazardous ingredients, it can contain lead, mercury, or other toxic additives. If you have any concerns about this type of tattoo removal process, see our FAQ for more information on tattoo removal.

Q: How can I get my blood removed?

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