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The removal of tattoos can be done by a machine called the MicroTit, a device that removes a piece of skin while leaving just a little bit of skin exposed.

How often should I get a tattooed body part removed?

Tattoos are permanent in nature, and should be removed at least once a year.

Tattoo removal can often be a stressful experience, but removing those little scars is important.

Tattoo Removal FAQ

How often should I take a body part to a tattoo removal center?

To understand how often to take your body part to a tattoo removal center, read the FAQ.
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Why should I get a tattoo that doesn’t have a permanent marker?

If you find a tattoo that you like but you feel it doesn’t have a permanent marker on it on your body, it’s a good idea to go to a tattoo removal center and get it taken away.

What can I do to help prevent my skin from being damaged by tattoos?

Learn more about protecting yourself against tattoos and what to do in the FAQ.

Does a tattoo cover the skin?

Yes. The skin is the main barrier that protects us from the elements, disease, and other dangers of everyday life. However, a tattoo can sometimes cover the skin, which means that only it’s surface can be exposed.

Will a tattoo get rid of it?

No. A tattoo makes the skin look different to the rest of the body. But it doesn’t change it. The skin will always look the same.

Does getting a tattoo make me look sick?

No. Tattoos don’t treat skin infections.

What is tattoo removal?

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