Does lemon juice remove tattoos?

The skin on our hands, wrists, arms, legs and feet is sensitive. Some tattoo removal is done with the use of chemicals or by the injection of a special skin-safe preparation.

If you have a tattoo on someone other than your own skin, then you should make an appointment to have your skin covered.

How can I make sure I get rid of tattoos?

Although this is not your body, tattoos are a visual reminder of your identity. In case of an injury, it is important to have it removed as soon as possible.

Most importantly, you must try and keep a low profile. Be kind to others, especially those who have tattoos. Never let people know about it, or if you don’t know who has it, ask around.

Can there be hidden tattoos?

If you suspect a tattoo may not be permanent, or there’s no reason you can’t apply another treatment, please contact the nearest Tattoo Removal Clinic to discuss your ideas and concerns on what to do.
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