Can you remove a tattoo in one session?

Yes, you can remove the tattoo without having to take the next step of seeing your tattooed skin or removing the old tattoo. Please note that this procedure is done on an outpatient basis and there are no hospital visits and no physical exam performed. So we advise that you have not tried this procedure before at home.

Can you remove a tattoo with a laser?

Lasers can be used to remove a tattoo. Since the area is too small to be treated with the laser, the entire tattoo is removed and there will be no scar or swelling. We recommend seeing your tattooed skin or trying one of our new tattoos to help you figure out how well it can be removed. We do not know of any laser tattoo removal procedure that has been used in Korea for over a century for all of our tattoo removal methods, as most other tattoo removal procedures have. We are certain that the process will be safe and effective for you.

Is tattoos really permanent?

It is very common, even for non-tattoo removal procedures like the one above, to experience a scar or swelling, sometimes very large, as the skin gets used to the new removal procedure. It seems like this is true whether it is a tattoo that is used for beauty, or a tattoo that has been removed.

Why are tattoos so popular in Korea?

As mentioned, the fact that tattoos are a popular tattoo removal procedure in Korea means that these methods are easily available and accepted even in a place like this one. As you can imagine, in Korea, tattoos are often a huge part of many individuals’ lives and most people have some sort of tattoo. That is not to say that there are not many others out there who don’t have a tattoo, but I guess that means that the prevalence of tattoos is high. But I also know of many people who have many other forms of body art. There are many that do not wear any form of jewelry, but still they still have body art. These people would not be able to get married, or have children.

Is it better to get a tattoo than another kind of tattoo removal ?

Yes it is certainly more convenient to get a tattoo than getting another type of tattoo removal procedure, but it doesn’t mean that the two procedures are necessarily better or inferior to each other. It just may make you feel that you have better options available for a specific body part and this feeling may come with additional cost.

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