Does tattoo removal leave scars? – Tattoo Removal Kit Laser

There is no doubt tattoo removal leaves scars. The first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that not only have you removed your body ink, but your skin isn’t completely healed. The skin is still healing from all of the trauma it was subjected to. This can create permanent scars.

How do scar-removal tools work?

In tattoo removal, the technician uses a scalpel, a small blade to remove the tattoo. Once the tattoo is removed, the skin will re-grow a new scar and will not heal from it.

Do scar scars heal?

Scar, however, does not heal as well as healthy skin. Scar healing depends on the amount of time and type of tattoo that is removed. Scar scars are permanent and will not heal naturally.

Is tattoo removal permanent?

Yes, you have permanently removed your tattoo.

Is tattoo removal painful or uncomfortable?

In tattoo removal, you will be putting all of your energy into removing your tattoo. Pain is not usually the issue. All you need to feel pain is when the skin is too hot to touch. Tattoo removal will be painful as all of the skin and blood vessels have been removed. Tattoo removal is one of the more painful experiences you will be having. It is worth it though to enjoy the beauty of the tattoo before you undergo the ordeal!

Is it safe?
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Tattoo removal cannot be guaranteed to be completely safe. Scar removal, however, will result in zero scarring. The scarring may occur during the removal process or on the following day.

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