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The costs of tattoo removal and treatment depend on several factors. These include: whether or not you have a full body tattoo, how much treatment you are given, and whether you have a medical condition or an insurance policy that covers medical costs. In addition, there are different kinds of tattoo removal. The type of removal you receive depends on the procedure. There are also varying types of treatments you can receive.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are usually taken off by either a tattoo removal specialist, or a physician. A tattoo removal specialist does this by removing the tattoos and applying new ones. Some are referred to as “piercing” and others as “scans.”

Medical Treatment

Tattoos are not the only type of medical procedure you should be aware of. If you have a medical condition or a serious illness, your doctor can sometimes tell you if your body might benefit from a tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal for the Nail

If you have a partial tattoo on your nail, you can be treated with a laser. If you have a full-body tattoo, you will need to have an electrocautery laser as part of your care. This laser is much more accurate than your body skin, and can also be used for other purposes. Laser removal for nail tattoos can be done in many locations, such as the manicure and pedicure area.

Medical treatment for a full-body tattoo that also requires piercing may be done by a physician. Your doctor will first do a nail exam, then proceed with tattoo removal. This process may cost as much as $1,500.

Medical Treatment

While your doctor may offer to help you to prepare for your tattoo removal process (for example, by referring you to a tattoo removal specialist), you also need to be aware of possible costs. Once the procedure is finished, you may need the following services once your tattoo is gone:

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Pain relief, such as ice packs or ibuprofen


Anti-inflammatories, such as aspirin

Surgery to remove the tattoo

To learn more about medical charges for tattoo removal and treatment, visit

Tattoo Removal for Grafts

Tattoos may be removed by a medical practitioner. If you have partial body or full-body tattoos,

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