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It will cause damage to the site when it is removed.

The scar will heal and then the damage will return.

How should I care for the tattoo?

Polls close at 10:00am ET, and we all know how the campaign will go at that point.

If Donald Trump is able to knock out both the front-runners, he could well secure the Republican nomination, which puts him in charge of the biggest ticket in political history.

So how does this map shake out after a week of polls?

There are six states that would make Donald Trump the odds on favorite to win the nomination before the convention: Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York.

So in these five states, Trump would also have the highest number of delegates to win in the Republican nomination. Trump has no path to the nomination other than to win the most delegates.

That is not likely to happen this weekend and if ever so slightly. Trump had a rough day of campaigning on this Sunday, leading a rally in Ohio and then the campaign trail with the help of an energetic and enthusiastic crowd.

Trump’s supporters in South Carolina and Colorado turned out to celebrate his late surge in the polls.

Trump ended the day with a much-needed win in the Iowa caucuses. Trump’s biggest wins of the day were in Colorado, South Carolina, and New Hampshire, all states that have large, diverse electorates. He won Ohio and Florida with a little more than 30 percent of the vote.

Trump also picked up one of the biggest delegate leads, getting 47.2 percent of the vote for his home state of New York. He needed to pick up 50.7 percent in New York to secure the nomination before the Democratic convention.

But the question now is not whether Trump has a shot at the nomination, but why? This weekend is a period of intense voter engagement in which Donald Trump is trying to catch fire. And after a strong showing in the first debate, and the debate in particular, some people are saying that Donald Trump is still too far behind Hillary Clinton to be taken seriously as a candidate.

Trump will likely need massive turnout. So how does Trump’s support look in these seven states?

Trump’s largest supporters seem to be working people, middle class whites, and those who make less than $60,0000 a year. The highest proportion of Trump’s supporters appear to be voters under the age of 34

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