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Once permanent, it may take a few weeks to a month for your skin to completely heal following removal of permanent ink. While your skin is healing, be sure to shower and dry off regularly. It can affect the texture of the tattoo if your skin is still red from the procedure.

How does the tattoos look?

The tattoo will not appear completely white and smooth, but it may look similar to an animal of the animal’s species. When we have a tattoo, the design will be on the back of the ink-covered skin, in what can be called the epidermis layer. The skin surface will be darker on the back of the tattoo than in the center of the tattoo.

Is permanent tattoo removal painful or debilitating? What are the side effects of Permanent Tattoo Removal?

The treatment of Permanent Tattoo Removal is usually not painful for individuals who are able to recover fully. After permanent tattoo removal, the tattoo will only be present on the skin surface for a short period of time. This may take several days. When healing is complete, the skin surface will return to its normal color.

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How long will the tattoo look like after removal?

Temporary tattoos often fade quickly after being removed. Temporary tattoos that are permanent will continue to be visible with minimal to no changes in appearance. The only difference is that now the tattoo becomes permanently visible. During this process the skin from the tattoo will need to heal. There is some skin growth that may occur which may not be visible after the treatment has been completed. This skin growth may only occur the first few weeks, but will eventually return to normal.

Is permanent tattoo removal right for me?

For the most part permanent tattoo removal is not needed. However, permanent tattoo removal in some patients may be needed if the need arises because of the following reasons:

To make the tattoo less painful or less noticeable on one individual.

To permanently cover the tattoo with another tattoo, or the permanent tattoo is still bleeding.

To cover the original tattoo with new tattoo.

If permanent tattoo removal is warranted, discuss the issue with your doctor. Ask questions about your particular situation so he can help you make the appropriate decision for you.

What are the side effects of Permanent Ink Removal?

While permanent tattoo removal is sometimes recommended as a procedure in some situations, the side effects are generally mild. As a topical and painless procedure, permanent tattoo removal has limited negative effects to those persons who

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