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Rangers fans are being told they must keep quiet if they are to make a comeback at Rangers in the future.

Club sources have confirmed fears from members of the public who have contacted club office regarding a possible return of fans from the 1970s and 80s.

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Club sources have also warned fans not to speak out as it could damage a potential return to the club of former Rangers stars like Denis Law, Paul Gascoigne, and John Aldridge.

As long as the Rangers fans are silent and don’t try to raise any issues, the plans to return at a later date should be allowed to continue, they say.

Some Rangers supporters, however, have insisted on speaking out now in an attempt to raise the prospect of an appearance at Hampden.

Several Rangers supporters have spoken to the Mail this week and revealed they would be willing to sign on to a new stadium at Hampden.

However several sources have also admitted some club officials are looking at the possibility of resurrecting the club by bringing the club back onto the pitch at a later date.

The club want to bring back the atmosphere the 1970s and 80s fans created into one where Rangers can still win. They will also look into the idea of holding a friendly match on the pitch at Hampden to raise awareness.

It is hoped the idea may work in the hands of Ian Black, the former chairman of the Rangers Supporters’ Trust and who has since come under heavy criticism for making plans for the future of the club.

Last night, Black said he was “not entirely sure” if any plan had been advanced to return Rangers to Hampden. However, he did admit he had been in touch with some members of the fan base over his plans to return. When asked how such a plan played into the club’s plans to revive the club at a later date, he said: ‘We’re interested in bringing home football to the club.

The idea of holding a friendly match on the pitch at Hampden to raise awareness of a new stadium was discussed in detail for some time last year, but it had now been put on paper.

Black revealed: “A few years ago the club was in discussions with the fans about a new stadium, with no clear route into the ground. We have now

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