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When it comes to removing a tattoo, it is a good idea to wash your hands thoroughly before and after doing so, but if doing it in the bathroom can’t get you home any earlier, there is always the solution. The best practice is to spray a mild solution onto the tattoo before applying it. You can buy liquid wax in spray cans, at craft stores, or online. It doesn’t need to be very diluted if you are going to use a spray can. The liquid will then be absorbed over a few seconds, allowing the wax to dry and remove any residue. Then just rinse your hands and apply a stronger solution the next time you touch the tattoo.

For the more experienced tattoo artists, an alcohol-based solution can be used. It’s made from rubbing alcohol, which will be absorbed over a longer period before the tattoo is removed. You can get it in spray bottles and get it at pharmacies.

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MANILA (UPDATED) – The Philippine National Police (PNP) will send five helicopters and two aircrafts to Manilla on Monday to provide security to the presidential motorcade with the purpose of ensuring the safety of President Benigno Aquino III, a official said.

Presidential Security Chief Chief Gen. Arthur Agcaoili said the PNP was also planning to deploy another helicopter for other operations in the city, which is usually hit with heavy rain and flooding on certain days.

“Based on the situation in Manila, we are planning five helicopters and two aircrafts for the Presidential motorcade, to assure the safety of the public and the president,” Agcaoili said, speaking to reporters Saturday before heading to the West Philippine Sea where the president will be taking part in his last state visit to Davao City.

“Davao City is known as a safe place for presidents,” he added.

The security official said that while PNP agents were on standby in Davao City since last week, on Dec. 18 the agency dispatched two helicopters to Manilla to ensure security.

Asked about the presence of police officers in the Manilla area, Agcaoili said the PNP is deploying its own personnel.

Asked about the deployment of the PNP’s helicopter by the presidential motorcade team, Agcaoili said: “We have deployed two of its armed force personnel. We have already got a P

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