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What is blood glucose control and how is it measured?

Blood sugar control is defined as the blood sugar level at a particular time. A blood glucose level of more than 160 mg/dl (85.4 uL/kg) is considered as diabetes.

The lower your blood sugar level, the less likely you are to fall outside of diabetes safe range and you may be able to follow a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet and regular exercise regimen to successfully lose weight.

What do I do if I find out I’m diabetic?

If you find out you’re diabetic, there are many things you can do to help your health and you can avoid the danger.

What medications affect my blood sugar control?

There are two main classes of medications that affect blood glucose control: diabetics and non-diabetics. The two types of diabetics are:

Type 1 diabetic: Diabetics with type 1 diabetes are people who have an unusually high level of blood sugar and need insulin injections.

Type 2 diabetic: Types 2 and 3 diabetics are people who have normal blood sugar levels.

How does my blood sugar control affect the risk of heart disease and strokes?

The number of people who are in a high risk group increases if:

They also smoke, eat too much, have a family history of heart disease or strokes or suffer from diabetes.

If you are diabetic, you have more blood sugar in the bloodstream and should avoid high-sugar foods because they lower your blood sugar levels.

What is the risk of my blood sugar being high when it’s not normal?

A normal blood sugar level is between 126 and 139 mg/dl (78-92 p.m).

With diabetes, the blood sugar level can get to 130 mg/dl (92 p.m).

A diabetic can fall into a high risk category if his or her blood sugar levels are higher than 124 mg/dl (78 p.m).

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