How can I draw on a PDF?

PDFs are a wonderful means for presenting source/editing files to others. We have an entire suite of tools to help the public share and use PDF files. You can check out the full list of tools here. And if you really want to go it alone, our free and open source PDF-Editing Package can help, too.

Why are you using Perl 6 instead of PHP?

It certainly wasn’t an easy decision to replace PHP with Perl 6. We knew we wanted to make a complete rewrite with new classes to bring greater portability and usability to our code base while maintaining backward compatibility with other PHP components. We are also happy with the experience and look forward to bringing PHP-friendly language features on top of it in the near future. On the other hand, a new version of PHP is always a good thing for the community. It is a great opportunity to make the best of a good development situation.
Drawing of Lamborghini Aventador by artistalfred — Steemit

Why use Git instead of Subversion?

Git is the preferred choice for most projects. It provides a simple, easy to use interface to repositories and provides a lot of excellent features. We’ve found it to be a great complement to Subversion and, while it is not a universal choice for all projects, we’ll happily switch from them in the near future.

What browsers are supported?

GPGME supports most modern browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8-10, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Opera Mini on Windows, Linux, and Mac. You’ll still be able to use the old-school versions such as Internet Explorer 2 and older versions (Windows, Linux, and OS X) though. See this article for details.

Who are your customers and why have you decided to open-source?

Our customers include all sorts of organizations ranging from big multinational corporations to local small businesses. They can easily be categorized by technology or by service provider, but all have one thing in common: they’re interested in and eager to benefit from the latest technology. If you are one of these customers, feel free to take a look at the Open Source Guide.

We know there are plenty of people who are interested in the new HTC Vive, but the company that was founded the Vive to help bring you the best VR has not provided an official statement yet. It’s possible that Valve hasn’t decided exactly yet if it’s going to release the Vive, but if it does, the information we’ve received says it