What should I draw ideas?

What are your suggestions? I’m sure some people like to talk about it so I’m just going to point out things I think could be improved.

The one thing I would really like to see: Make it so that players who are in positions to buy other spells or take other actions can choose to do so. For example, if I’m playing a deck that has 4 mana crystals and I’m playing a 4 mana card that gives me three more mana I really want to find that out. For that reason I would like to see the option to buy the spell, as well as to take a different action.

Lastly, I still can’t figure out why it should be hard to draw enough mana with cards so mana crystals are never more than a 2/2 or 3/3 as well as other spells which are in a different color.

How about adding a mechanic called “drawing out all your mana”? This would mean no more draw, all the cards you need to get a specific effect would have to be in your hand, so it gives you more options even if you don’t need them yet. The same would apply to all the mana crystals you get from playing the spell. (Again, as a quick example, a turn 7 mana crystal and a hand of cards would be nice as you know there’s not going to be any draw for that turn.)

Overall, I think the most important thing would be to remove the “stalling” that decks with large hand sizes can take. Also I’m really excited for the new mechanics that are going to be coming up when this set comes out. There will be a lot of possibilities like this so I hope we get some of them implemented.

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