How do I make a Word document into a picture? – Cute Things To Draw For Kids That Are Cartoons

I want my document to read like a picture. What do I do?

If you need help with converting your image to a graphics format, we can help at Image Formats. Read more >>

How do I transfer a document back from an external network? I cannot transfer my document to the network!

File Transfer is a free service available by any email address. To start sharing documents safely online, select the Send to… button located in the address bar. File Transfer will transfer your document to a secure and encrypted server. If you’ve made a backup copy or a link to a file that you want to preserve in case you’re unable to access it in the cloud, we can save it in a file, archive it, or restore it from one of our many file storage services.

How do I see my files after I’ve downloaded them? When you download files from Microsoft, we’ll automatically archive them to reduce your download size, and save the files to your system. The files are saved to the disk with your download, which should take less than a minute to complete. To get some file previews you can try our Quick File Previews. Click here to try some sample files.

What is the cost of Office 365? In most cases, it’s free and easy to start using Office 365 once you’ve created an Office 365 subscription. You can begin to customize plans to fit your needs by downloading an Office 365 trial or subscription plan when you join.

How do I change I’ll be able to access my Microsoft cloud services from my home computer? When you join Office 365, Microsoft can set you up with dedicated access to the cloud services for your home computer. If you don’t want Windows on your PC, we’ll give you a free trial or subscription to the Windows desktop version of Office that includes cloud features.

How do I share with my family? Can I access it on a different device? The same account can access everything you’ve downloaded (and saved locally) in your Office 365 account in the cloud from that computer. For more information about using devices, see Office 365 and Devices.

What software are free on my PC? You can download software from Microsoft or a third-party vendor and install it directly onto your PCs.

What are Office 365 subscription plans? We offer many different subscription plans to choose from. To find the right option for you, see Office 365 – Selecting the right product.

What if I have questions or concerns?

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