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Giant turtle with arms

If you think this game is easy, you are wrong. You will be spending hours on this game, and after playing only a few hours of it, you might have the skill to beat the game. I am going to tell you the basics to the Game, that if you learn correctly you will be playing some kind of online game.

The rules of this game

1. Every single time you will see a green turtle, you can either kill him with a sword or throw a rock. If you keep killing him, he will get more and more powerful. A small girl can only be the size of a normal turtle, so you can only have one of those. It would be hard to win.

2. In a game every shot in the game comes down to one shot at a time. If the shot hits the turtle, he will go down, if not, he may fight you some more. There are different kinds of rocks that the turtle can roll on, with different numbers of numbers on them. Most of the time the turtles fight each other, but not the time you have to shoot him.

3. You need to roll two shots per hit. If a rock hits, you roll one shot and if it misses, you roll another, even if you hit him just once and don’t even land the shot. If you hit the turtle multiple times, for any kind of rocks, and the turtle dies, he will have to fight you again, so one shot per hit and you will win in almost every case.

4. The game is so easy that there is not even enough time to think. But there are people that can play it a lot faster, with the computer not in play as well. In this game, you only need a basic understanding of game theory to win. But, to beat the game, you will have to go deeper by thinking, and understand what your enemies do, how they can be harmed by your throws and how you don’t kill them at the same time. You will play the game in one of 3 kinds of games. They are:

1. Attack Game

you try to kill this turtle (the one you just hit) and if it fails to die, you try to kill it a few times again

you try to hide your throwing distance

you try to stay away from the turtle

2. Defense Game

You must defend your turtle from the other

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