How do you draw a bunny?

I draw a bunny, so that’s the best I can do in this case. The first time I drew a bunny I went to a studio, and I remember thinking about how if they drew one rabbit in the studio, I want all of them on my desk, and if they all have to be drawn one by one, then they all have to be drawn on the computer, right? And I can just take my drawing tools, print it out, go to the computer, and print it. I can bring it in and, like, make pencil outlines, and then just trace it onto the paper. It doesn’t help if they’re one by one. If they’re drawn one by one, and there’s this line in between them, then I can just add that line to the picture, and I can draw out the outline all over again, and all of my tools on the computer can keep doing that, so it’s like, “Okay, now, the next rabbit.”

Are there any animals in the story that you could draw that you haven’t drawn yet?

[Laughs] The rabbit, yeah. And that’s because I have the tools. I can still use my pencil and my paintbrush. I was drawing the bunny on my computer and then putting in my outlines all over again for the paper and still being able to draw the picture on my computer. So it’s the same thing; I have my drawings, so I can use them for the paper. So some of the animals that I haven’t drawn yet are the same thing.

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When you start working on a screenplay, you often find it really easy to get away from your own personal style, which is a fun thing but can be isolating. When you are creating something that could easily be mistaken for one person’s work, what is the most liberating thing to do?

What’s liberating?

When I’m writing, we spend three to four months on anything new and unique. We have to make all kinds of assumptions. It’s great. We’re kind of out for blood. All kinds of assumptions. Then three or four months later, we go, “Oh, shit, this person is not the right one.” All the assumptions are proven wrong. Then we get to put in an order — I always have a screenplay order, and it’s always a little off, in the sense that there’s always a little room for