How do you draw a car from the front?

I would have to draw the front half of the side of the car. And then to add in the inside of the car, in a side view, it was hard to draw. I found the next best way for me. I would use a large pencil.

As you said, when the paint dries, you can see how the car comes out. You can take it to a pro. How was that?

That’s good. I would give that a go. It’s a good way to find a little bit, just to get a feel. One of the things that I found was that in the dark, I found that, in certain lighting, I couldn’t see the front. But you can see the back. You can see the sides to the side.

Have you found that now?

Yeah, yeah. There are no issues with that. But that’s where I started drawing on. I think the way that I drew most, I would make it on a piece of whiteboard, with the chalk, in a white drawing board and it will be like, “OK, here are the sides, here’s the hood and here’s the rear,” but then I would take the picture over. I would always take it to the pro, because with my eyes, I see the side and the hood. That way, I can see the rear. So I was painting this side of a car and I took the picture over and was like, “OK, there’s a big red part there, there’s a big white part.” And then I’d find a different way, and that worked. If people have more questions—the car is only 60, 62, 63 kilometers long from the front. It’s a very long car.

Do you keep any drawings of your own?

Yeah, I do. All the drawings in this album. I don’t have my passport, so we’re not going to show all of them. I’ve got pictures of me in Brazil going to buy a shirt, and I have pictures of me in the hotel, which I’m sure has no relevance as to who I am. These pictures are of me, of me doing what I have to do.

It is fascinating to hear about how you are making your living selling this music, while also seeing that your friends don’t make much money.

Yeah. The good news is, you will be able to buy most of the cars that I’ve drawn for this album