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The World Trade Center (WTTC) project was built on the premise that it would never, ever be needed. At the time of the attacks, there was no reason why WTC, and indeed the World Trade Center, couldn’t survive an attack of even the most rudimentary magnitude. The first WTC towers were built with the same kind of steel used in the World Trade Center. There is no reason to believe any of these buildings would have been much better in this sense than the WTC. The only other known buildings in the world built with the same general design that was used at WTC were the Twin Towers of New York City and the Pentagon of the US. WTC1 (or WTC1) was built on a site less than 100 feet away from WTC2 which had only just been completed. Therefore, the WTC towers simply fit perfectly with each other. The tower blocks were very similar in size, height and layout; therefore, it was only logical to have the towers built on the same site. A study published in 2003 by the Bureau of Civil Engineering’s Office of Engineering and Environmental Analysis concluded that the towers would not have collapsed had they been damaged by the aircraft. This included the towers themselves and the buildings of the surrounding area. Furthermore, all of the tower blocks were designed to withstand minor impacts from aircraft.

The towers were set back some 70 feet in some locations to further enhance their resilience and provide a better chance of defense.

The WTC was the second largest building, after the Empire State Building in New York City, by area. It is said to be the tallest building in the world, by area. Its width at its narrowest point is 2,848 feet, with the highest point of the south face standing at 1,776 feet, while the lowest point at the center of the tower stood in at 754 feet.

The tallest building in the world on September 11 was the Empire State Building in New York City, with a height of 2,776 feet at its base. The height of the Building at this point was a record for a building in its time period; the original Empire State building at 1,776 feet stood for only 14 years before having it removed. A new building to replace it, the One World Trade Center, was officially opened at the beginning of 2001. The tower was designed by A, A. Belgrade, who had been appointed as head architect of the building in 2001 and was responsible for the overall design and construction of the