How do you draw car parts?

Do you want to do your own drawings? Yes No

What materials will you use? Wood or plastic Wood Plastic Metal

Will it get used after you’re done? No No, but it might stay on your vehicle, so I’d recommend it. Yes

Where will you ship? Worldwide Worldwide

Can you draw an item that would be difficult to get online? Of course! Yes

If you do not live in the USA, would you make a donation to the Humane Society? Yes No (This is optional, but very much appreciated!)

Can you draw a person? Is there something you like to draw that is not specifically a human on the piece? Yes No (This is optional, but very much appreciated!)

Is there anything you dislike about a drawing? What do you like? How would you like the drawing changed? (If you don’t mind a sketch that is a different color. If you’d like some more information please see the About your request form)


FIFA has released the 2018/2019 FIFA Ballot for the FIFA Ballot of the Century. It is the first time we will have to make sure that our football player is on the ballot and that they won’t become an option. So, how do we know if a player has become a contender?

The Ballot of the Century:

FARGO’s 2018/2019 FIFA Ballot is the most difficult and interesting. The Ballot of the Century was made by Fábregas – which in Spanish means “best friend” – after a vote in which the Ballot of the Century was taken over by fans and journalists on Twitter.

The balloting, which was conducted by the Fábregas Twitter account, is open to all of the players – including those who have been suspended or are due to be disciplined as well as those who have not previously competed for the national team.

Fans can vote by visiting

After making it on the ballot, your country has a chance to receive one of their player’s votes.

If you voted for a player as a country, you have the option to vote for more than one player.

In addition, you have the option of being able to cast your vote multiple times. You can do so by clicking on “Vote” in the upper left hand corner of

For more information,