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That’s a tough one. Sometimes it’s easy. Other times it takes a little bit of drawing practice. There were days in the middle of the day where we’d be practicing this or that and there would be cat faces in some or the other.

In the end it is just a drawing in the mind of the artist that expresses the character.

But I think my favorite of your cat faces (in Japanese) is probably the last one. It’s the one with the red eyes and the big nose.

Well, I think I drew so many cat faces in my head.

In some ways it’s a good thing. They are all very expressive.

I didn’t really draw as much as you did earlier, but at least I had a lot more time to work on this.
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When I draw, it’s usually like this: I start out on an idea that I have. I get a feeling and then make a mental note to draw it. Then I begin drawing something that will bring to mind an image I had.

When I say I get a feeling, I mean that I see something like energy or a figure in the air. But I don’t really know what I’m picturing. For some reason I can’t get a clear idea of what the figure is (in the mind). I’m never sure what I’m trying to achieve. If the character is simply good-natured or whatever, I can never get a clear picture, as I know I should make it. (…) So when I draw, it’s like this: I make a mental note to draw what I see.

This is actually why I am always surprised when someone will make their drawings look really funny, because I usually think: oh, that’s so much of a joke.

Do you think that the “good-natured” cat and human characters are the same in a way?

I don’t feel so sure. And I can’t really decide who I think these are.

But the cat one in particular is really good – I mean it’s a real character (…) In the first place, I’m not sure if they are related or what. In the second place, if they are related, they probably will change by the end of the story. It’s hard to say that they are totally different. Maybe we will see the cat in the story after the story is over (laughs).

In a way these characters

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