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It’s something we’ve been doing for decades. For years, we have trained artists in Africa and Asia. We have some guys who are really talented, and they have trained a lot of talented African artists who have trained other folks.

We have people there who have learned our techniques and they are trained in art from all over across the world. Then we also have some local guys. They come to art, they teach you. We’ve got a guy who’s been doing it for years; he’s an art instructor; there’s the guy who’s a street artist; there’s the guy who’s doing all that.

Do you teach the skill of drawing an animal like the one pictured?

Yeah, we teach them all sorts of art forms. The animals that we do we have to work up to, but the rest of the animals are something we can’t stop drawing. It’s a real challenge. For instance, the snakes are a real challenge, but we know how to draw every snake ever.

But on top of the animals that we’ve been trained on from all over the world, we have people from other parts of the world. We have a guy who’s drawing all sorts of animals, we have someone there from America, there’s people from Japan, India, all of our different cities.

You have these guys who are coming in from all over the world but they can draw animals just fine?
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What do these kids draw?

They draw the snakes but they definitely draw the elephants. They may not draw the big animals like the crocodiles and alligators the way someone who is trained as an animal artist might want them.

They definitely draw the big animals like elephants so we use a big, high horse with the elephants inside of it.

There are a lot of different people who know how to draw animals but in the end, it all boils down to the art piece. The art is the end product. This way you have the ability to draw what you’re looking for, and you know you’ve got it done.

Can you tell us what you’re learning from your apprentices?

Basically they are the art teachers who help us on the day-to-day, but they’re the art teachers who are the ones who are also our mentors. You know what? With an apprenticeship, you don’t even have to know anything, but you’ve just got to learn.

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