What should I draw ideas? – Car Sketches

To draw you just want me to draw. If you’re really good, you’ll draw like a pro. You have to be very particular about what you draw. It’s easy to become a real pro and then the next thing you know the real deal isn’t really there anymore.

The whole idea is to just be a pro, not have one.

As far as the ideas themselves, there isn’t much to them. When you’re making music it’s very personal and you’re not making something really specific. People have an idea of what they want to make and we’re not really thinking about all that.

Do you think, when you first start out, that you just don’t want to make music anymore?

No. I just start doing other things, like if I don’t like my work, I give up on it. I don’t want to make records anymore, I want to make new things and do new things. My whole idea was I don’t want to make anything anymore, I want to make something, something that sounds like me and makes me happy. This is true, it’s more than just this. This is just everything. That is my main idea right about now. I have everything but just the basics. I’ve only done this one track because I really couldn’t just sit down and do it.

I guess this is like what the song is like for you. You had one song, all you can do now is play it for the first time?

Yeah, if I played the song for a song I would have been mad because now my whole life’s just changed. But with this one song I’m like: it’s time. I’m ready to be done with this music. I feel like I’m ready to make good records. Now I have to give them to people.

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