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I can’t tell you and you can’t tell me,” wrote George L. Gribbin in the September 12 issue of Scientific American. The article, called “Drawing a Crocodile,” is a collection of sketches and drawings of the animals.

“As a child,” Mr. Gribbin continued, “I wanted to draw a crocodile. Now I don’t wish to paint a crocodile in water. And I don’t like my work made by children.”

He added: “The real thing to draw, according to Dr. Janssen, is a large animal.”

The crocodiles and elephants are a close second — Mr. Gribbin drew both that day but, in his view, couldn’t resist the challenge of drawing a large creature, particularly the African lion.

The government has rejected a “non-binding” report recommending that British-based companies be barred from operating in Venezuela due to the government’s “imperialist policies” that have led to severe shortages, inflation and soaring prices.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed the government had rejected the “non-binding” report on Monday.

The document, published in June by the Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce, argued that the government’s economic policies have left the South American country “struggling”.

“What has been clear, from the start, is that what happened in Venezuela should be called something else”, according to a statement on the chamber’s website.

“This is a dictatorship-like policy and it has been deliberately pursued by the government of President Hugo Chavez to impose social order, to ensure the security and well-being of its people, the stability of the price of goods, to impose a price on oil and the flow of money, and to keep the economy afloat.”

In Venezuela’s socialist-ruled oil-rich south and the economic chaos has caused widespread scarcity of many basic goods.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable to be calling for the government in the country to stop the implementation of the policies of Mr Chavez and that he’s a bad leader,” said Hugo Gonzalez, the chamber’s chair. “This is pure propaganda to give legitimacy to the government that’s being imposed under his policies.”

The government said in June the study did not offer the government “any concrete recommendations in relation to its economic policies” or any way to reduce the risks of a ‘food and energy crisis'” which had created the need for food and energy rationing

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