How do you draw Franklin the turtle? – How To Draw A Realistic Car Easy

The way the artist says this:

A turtle is, like in the old days, a turtle-creature, a “turtle,” meaning a creature as a kind of animal-creature, a kind of insect or bird-Creature but not so much so that we think of it as an animal-creature, especially if one takes into consideration the fact that one is dealing with living creatures, and that we have no real definition of life.

[In the background]

There is an enormous quantity of turtles crawling all over here.

[It’s the turtle on the table at the back, staring at nothing]

[The turtle is eating]

[Frogs are flying in from the back]

There is, indeed, a great quantity–and here, too, there are hundreds more. There may even be 1,000. But there are hundreds of thousands of turtles all over this globe, hundreds of thousands of them. There is plenty of food for the hungry. No one has a claim to it. And all of it is here.

And if some day your son discovers that you and your children and your husband and some of your brothers and your sisters and some of your friends have discovered and stored these things in your home–and it is quite likely that you have–and all you do is eat a little of it on that day–then, of course, you would be guilty of a crime that you would very much regret, even if it were only to yourselves. It would be the worst crime in the world, if indeed you did it. But you know what? Even after all that, you could probably still be perfectly right.

[Frogs are flying in, from left]

Frogs are indeed flying. The fact is that frogs are flying.

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Turtles are crawling all over this world. But you know which way to go and which way to turn.

[Frogs are flying in, from right]

A turtle can be seen anywhere, but it really does not care whether it is seen or not. It is very simple. It just looks where it wants to look. It is all about finding its own way.

As time goes on, you can see more and more. There will be plenty of new places for the turtle–and as soon as you see the most obvious of these places, and are ready to move, there will be a new one

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