How do you draw a dolphin? – How To Draw Cars Like A Pro Drawing Instruction Youtube Video

Draw. It’s really all about the drawing. Try your hand at drawing dolphins.

What are you into in your art?

There’s so much for me to keep going and do when it comes to the arts. It’s all about the painting! I love the color and texture of paint and drawing, so I do my work pretty much in oils and acrylics. I draw, sometimes as a part of a set and sometimes not. Sometimes I use charcoal and I just try to keep it simple and just draw all over the paper. I’m a person who loves the feel of the paper so that’s why I like oils and then acrylics when I’m feeling pretty inspired or when I want to do something a little more intricate. But I’ve been very lucky with how much paint I’ve taken of my life.

What are you like in real life?

Oh, I don’t like it at all. I always feel like every person in my life is just a little bit off. I’m always just trying to hold my things together and be the best person to everybody. I’m always trying to make everyone happy. That’s what we’ve worked very hard on since I’ve been able to get to where I am, which is being a full-time artist. People don’t always see it, but I’m very self-conscious that I am an artist. Sometimes I just try to not take too much attention of things, just like when someone’s standing next to me and he says something, like “Oh, you look so happy, don’t you, dear?” I always think about my work and it just really helps keep me grounded and it also has so much more meaning.

What’s your style? Do you use many forms of media?

Well, I do try to use a lot of media to tell a story. I like to do stories with things that look real, or sometimes with people that are real. It’s just for the sake of telling a story and to bring something else into the equation. Or I will say, when I’m working on my new projects, I always tend to use two or three layers, so I’ll have a couple of different layers to make sure I remember the story, and sometimes I’ll paint a layer, a shadow layer, and a second layer to make sure I remember the story. I really like using lots of layers; I like to have so many layers to be able to do all of my different layers

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