How do you draw a Mustang easy? – Car Sketches

It’s a hard thing to do, with the new styling coming out. Because the way it’s painted it’s more like a truck, more like a sportbike or a cruiser. I would really love to draw one, but, as you can see, it’s really not going to happen.”

“One thing that’s different about this car compared to the original is the headlight. We wanted something special, so we went and looked up to the big light on the Mustang. But it is all a bit of a distraction. As a result, we went and built a new headlight, one that’s in my personal opinion just about a headlight that just happens to be at my eye level right now.”

While we’re talking about the headlight change in the ’79 Mustang, the Mustang Shelby is still the first muscle car and was built with all the modern technology, but with the same aesthetic. This is perhaps why there has yet to be a Mustang GT convertible.

“Oh, we’ve been looking at convertible models, and we’re not 100 percent committed to any of them and frankly, the way we see Mustang is the same way our customers see us — so we haven’t committed to anything at all.

“We have an interest in some stuff, but we’re focusing our focus to what we do best, which is the Shelby — which is the fastest convertible around our showroom.”

With that being said, though, if the future of the Shelby Mustang is a hot rod, then we’re pretty damn happy. Check out our latest interview with the CEO of Shelby American, John Baker, below, as well as this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the production-ready ’17 Shelby GT350.

[Video Courtesy of Auto News. Video courtesy of Shelby American.]


Welcome to the World of Warcraft: Legion Developer Diary #29

Over the course of last week, we worked on a large number of major features in the Legion release; some of which will have impact on the game moving forward. One of the features we’re working hard to get right—for everyone— is the Garrison’s housing. We’re happy to be able to show you how things will look like from our perspective once the expansion has deployed.

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The Housing Experience

We’ve got some great news on Housing design. First off, we’ve begun laying out the foundations for our plans for housing in Legion . We’re excited to share

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