How do you draw a fish?

Well, that’s a complicated question, but hopefully the following will explain what it takes to draw your favorite fish and what steps you can take to increase your ability. If the fish is just about to spawn, that’s when it’s time to get it started. Once a fish is fully grown, there isn’t much you can do when it’s not fully grown. At this age, it’s probably best to just set it out in the spawn chamber and wait for it. As it gets bigger and larger, it may become more difficult to spawn the fish so you’ll probably have to take it out and start over. Just get started with it, and don’t worry about the spawn stage too much. Once it’s grown enough to spawn, all you really have to do is put it back in its enclosure as soon as possible. Once it’s fully grown again, it’s probably best to let it go and wait for your next attempt. So that’s the process of how to successfully spawn your favorite fish. As always, let me know how it goes!

Happy Spawning,


It seems like the world is becoming less of a place to explore and more of a constant environment, and there are only so many places to explore and hide in before you’re getting bored. You know you want to be part of some kind of discovery-driven, stealth-oriented game, so today on Xbox Play Anywhere – your Xbox One – we’re showing you the best way to do that.

At the center of the newest batch of Play Anywhere titles – the Xbox One bundles that come with the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, starting at $199.99 – you’ll find three titles that provide both action-oriented and strategy games. They’re each pretty unique and fun to play, which is a rarity in the sandbox genre. They’re:

Tropico 4

We’ll begin with the game that launched on Xbox One in March, and it’s a little tricky to get a grip on the overall mechanics. In addition to being a huge sandbox game, Tropico allows you to create your own unique, custom nation. There’s no overarching story, you’ll take part in a wide variety of quests and the game has you play as either head of state or head of civil service. That’s it. That’s Tropico – in a nutshell (and, let’s face it, you already know much less about it, but keep those thoughts to yourself – just kidding).