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By the way, how are you going to pay $9 million, $10 million and $11 million to all those guys who are drawing cars of all colors, all sizes, with all kinds of bodywork out there? And when we have a race at Indianapolis and there’s a guy that’s got a Porsche and a Chevrolet, then it’s a race, right?”

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of four race courses in the U.S., along with Phoenix International Raceway, Sebring International Raceway and Road Atlanta. The race is the first stop on a world tour.

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A group of students from the University of North Texas rallied around an African American senior at North Austin High School in protest over his name, school officials said in a statement on Wednesday.

The student was found by police to be carrying a gun on campus while sitting at a lunch table, according to the school. He has been taken to the Austin Police Department for a mental health evaluation.

A video posted on the university’s YouTube page shows a group of students marching from the cafeteria in the morning and heading into the high school shortly after.

The student, identified only as Junior, is identified as the person in the video. In a statement, the student said he was carrying a gun because he feels the school discriminates against minorities.

The student was shot by a campus police officer who was also standing near his table when it was found, according to the North Texas Independent School District.

A second person is also being interviewed, but the police department has released few details until after a press conference on Thursday.

The university said a video shot outside the school shows the student talking about his plan to bring a gun to the school, along with what the officer said happened afterwards. Another student in the video can also be heard. The student told reporters about an altercation between him and another student in the cafeteria. He said that he shot the boy because he was pointing a gun at him, but the officer was not sure when the police officers arrived.
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The student said he didn’t have a weapon with him as he walked back to his room.

North Austin High School is an intermediate school in the North Austin Independent School District, a school district that administers the school to hundreds of families. Students come from hundreds of different racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, and the shooting Tuesday was the first time

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