How do you draw a headlight?

I am always fascinated with those things because I believe that this is something we are all born with.” [See the video at the top of the post.]

Here’s how I imagine you might get this thing to work. In the first stage, start by cutting the LED strip down to the size of one of the small screws.

The second stage is a little more demanding. The LED strip needs to be cut in half. The first thing to do is use a sharp knife to carefully cut down the LED strip while it remains connected to the board.

Take the LED strip into the socket slot in the socket connector. Carefully thread your two screws onto the socket connector. You want to make sure they have a snug fit so that the LED won’t fall out.

Now that you’ve threaded your sockets and LED’s together, get your power supply and a breadboard.

There are two options: solder the wires through an open, single piece of solder, or use the breadboard.

The open method requires an extra piece of solder, but you don’t need it to complete the circuit. To get the circuit working, it is best to make it to work with the battery connected. This will only work if you have a voltage regulator you already have on hand.

I will also assume that you have a breadboard, power supply, and a good multimeter. The following diagrams will work for most people:

One other thing to be aware of is that you will most likely need to double check all of your connections as some parts may not be the same as what you saw in the image above (e.g. soldered wires to the battery).

We are also going to be cutting the power supply. We will be applying some solder from the other end of the socket to the power supply.

Here is the solder part that we will be cutting. You want to cut very sharp to hold the connector in place. (Make sure you cut your wires as you are working with them!)

I also like to cut the lead from the breadboard wire into the solder so that I can see where I’m going to be applying the solder. I find it’s much easier to tell where the lead needs to go as opposed to just eyeballing it.

After you’ve finished cutting your power supply, plug in the battery and you’re good to go! Now we are going to apply the solder from the breadboard wire. (Again, cut