How do you draw a ship?

I know, I asked you but what is so important that you need to draw it? I mean, there are plenty of things you can draw that don’t matter but to make the ship stand out, you need to draw a particular pose or pose.

For example, I’ve noticed, that when you make a boat draw from the tip. A large proportion of the time the ship will not stand up straight, which can be seen from the boat. You need to draw it from the bottom, it’s in the best position to hold its shape. And then when you draw it again you can take some small pictures to have what you need. I can make the bridge stand up straight so I can draw it as much as possible to not give the illusion that the ship is tilted. Or I can draw the ship from one eye.

For the bridge, I like to draw it for the same reason as the boat. I can use it’s location and the position of the eyes. If the center of the eye is at the top of the mouth it will look small and it will make the face come across. The center of the eye should be towards the nose. If you draw a point somewhere in between the center of the eye and nose, the effect is better. Then the eye and the nose are in the same position. If we see all of the different points you don’t show the lines of the nose to the user, that would make no sense and just make things look unnatural.

What do you think to make a boat or ship stand out better from a digital photograph?

This is a really tough question. I don’t understand why a photo or video doesn’t capture the true emotion. I can only think of the following reasons:

You are not looking for emotion. For example I don’t do facial expressions or make the eyes point towards someone. That’s something I can do in Photoshop but I don’t want to. I want to look for the emotion and I don’t want you to lose all the effort of looking at my face in pictures.

The photo isn’t that great. Even an old one doesn’t look good.

You see some elements like a boat or a ship that aren’t there in the photo.

You take a picture and try to find the emotion but the photo isn’t exactly the same as what you imagine it to be.

I know that you make a lot of sketches to do and the sketch is also important. But