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You don’t want to draw a lion with a moustache! What should you draw? A human or a tiger — which would be the most appropriate?

It’s the old story: the lion, he would run from a human and a tiger.

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And the lion would get sick or starve or die somewhere. And the human would get fed up by the lion and go after the lion.

And so on and so forth …

And we have many many examples of this in fiction.

Is that part of the story?


But if people are talking about fictional art, how should one draw a lion? Well, the answer is: just do a lot of it! I mean, we don’t do it all the time. But it’s fun to do.

And how much do you draw?

I have a little sketchbook I keep in my hotel room. I’d say 10, 12 sketches, maybe more.

How are you drawing?

Well, I’m not really drawing. I mean, there’s an old joke that says: what’s a sketch, if it’s not an original?

Why not?

Well, it doesn’t get published so it’s not real. But it does get published.

But you keep it.

Well, the more the merrier.

Oh my.

Well, I would encourage other people to take this as a challenge. What else? How do you draw a shark?

How about a big hairy one?

Like a lobster?

Okay, I’ll take that one.

Okay, so what do you draw?

Well, there’s one you might know from fiction, one I’m going to use: the character of ‘Mr. Smith’ on TV.

Oh, right.

That character, at that time he had a whole line on the show. I thought about what I’m going to draw because I really liked his character. You know, a man looking up at the heavens.

No, that’s a story he told to me in a book.

It was something like, oh, God, my hands are so cold when I’m writing.

That’s a pretty good story.

How about a tiger on a leash?

Well, a tiger on a leash! That’s a pretty good animal, I’ll give you that one

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