How do you draw a cat face? – How To Draw A Cartoon Car

There aren’t any tricks I can tell you, but I will say there are a couple ways to draw a cat face. You can draw it by applying a straight line drawn perpendicular to the line you would use to curve the face, to the middle of the cat face as it would have been. You can also use the trick of drawing a straight line to outline the eyes. If you are drawing a cat face using one of these techniques, make sure you check your face and eyes. Otherwise, you will look fake.

I’ve also seen one picture that uses a curved line drawn to the top of the face, drawn to the nose. If this means anything to you, please comment below. It looks like there may be something worth drawing on the eyes of my cat. 🙂

And if you have any more drawings/pictures to send my way, please let me know! 🙂

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How to Draw Cars the Hot Wheels Way by Scott Robertson ...

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(Image: Reuters)

(Image: Reuters)

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