How do you draw a llama?

A llama is a species of wild llama, often the only one left in the wild. The animals are considered a national treasure and most are protected, but some are often hunted and taken by people. The majority of llamas in Vietnam are domestic, and their diet consists of wild vegetables, fruits and leaves. They have small, rounded heads and are generally lighter in weight than their wild ancestors. It is believed that this gives them more stamina, and they are often seen walking on their hind legs—a trait that is not common in wild llamas.

While they are wild animals, many llamas are bred for export. They are also a protected species, but because of their delicate, delicate fur they cannot be sold legally.

What do I know about llamas?
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A llama is a mammal that lives primarily on 2 main habitats: a forested area near rivers, and plains in the mountains. Most llamas are found in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

What Do I Do With My Llama?

A llama is a member of the llama family and therefore must be taken to a designated sanctuary before being adopted. The shelter must be licensed with the local government, and its entrance will be screened to check for llamas, rhinos, elephants and other endangered and/or threatened animals. A llama must also be microchipped, vaccinated and kept with other dogs and cats until it is healthy enough to be trained.

Many people choose to bring their animal to an animal sanctuary to begin an education program. For more information, see our brochure here.

When Can I Bring My Llama To A Sanctuary?

To give your llama the best chance at a positive outcome, keep in mind that llamas are quite social creatures; they are not aggressive on sight and will accept everyone who comes to visit. However, you should understand that they must be removed from public view because, in Vietnam, some shelters may not be permitted to admit wild animals.

If you are considering bringing your llama to one of our animal shelters please contact animal staff immediately to make sure they have a listing and location of their facility (

How Should I Transport My Llama?

If you are transporting your llama to a sanctuary, please make sure you know who is with