How do you draw a car from the front?

I’m not sure. I’ll tell you, though. I have a lot of pictures of cars I’ve drawn and the only pictures I have are of cars that I saw, or my wife, who lives in Germany. I think she has a better sense than I do. I’ve talked to other illustrators who have made the same thing. People use pictures for inspiration but it’s still drawing, it still requires the muscles, the imagination, and the creativity. The drawings that were inspired by cars that have no actual connection to the driving experience are so stupid. People are drawn to them because they’re crazy, or because they’re fun or because they appeal to the sensuality of their environment.

Do you have a favorite picture on your wall?

No. There were pictures of car-sims that were drawn by the guy on the right, but these were all sketches. They were nothing more than a sketch, and that was my favorite. The pictures where I do have cars in their place are all completely different from anything I’ve drawn before, including my own car. They’re all so different.
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Do you go to a lot of events?

Not very often. I have four cars on the list and there were five or six other cars that I don’t even know how many, so maybe I’ll go once a month. It just depends on the event. The one thing I don’t do is drive. It’s like riding a motorcycle, you don’t have the muscles to drive.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like spending time with my partner. I like going on family trips. I spent two weeks doing this trip with my German husband during his birthday this year. That was incredible, because he is so well-adjusted, I was amazed when I left them both in Chicago for six days and he could take care of himself. If the car is not in the hands, then he takes care of it. We have a little son, he’s one year old, but I had nothing but time for him. When I’m not driving, I was just trying to be with my partner and to take better care of this man I love.

So I’m driving to this other state.

I am. It’s an adventure.

In late July, after a weekend of high-spirited discussion with some friends from college, I made a conscious decision: I would not attend the conference, which was to