How do you draw a Mustang?

I didn’t want the ’60-vintage car to seem dated in this movie, so what I did was take the paint from a 1960 Studebaker car and paint it dark gray. I just painted it, and then we took the chrome on the hood from a ’62 Grand Marquis. And then we took the roof off and that’s what people would call the ’60-vintage” or ’65 Mustang.

And then the paint would just pop-off.

Do you know this Mustang?

No. I’m not familiar with it.

Are you aware of what that looks like?

I know that Mustang really started out with no fenders, you know, like the old Mustangs. I know it looked like a ’52 Mustang, like a Camaro. And then it evolved to the ’67-vintage. But I’m not familiar with what that looks like. I don’t know of anything that kind of resembles it.

Do you know at all what was the color on the hood?

I don’t know. I’ve never gone in with a paint kit to try to figure it out. I never have looked at it. It’s just so strange to me that it would happen to me in the movie, but it wasn’t me.

When the movie began shooting, were you aware of the amount of people you were being interviewed about?

You know, they’re very generous when you’re being interviewed, really. They always want to ask you about yourself. I did go in and interview them, but they’re always very generous about trying to get you to tell them things that they’ll be able to use and say in a movie. And I would always find out about that in the end, so there’s no way I can answer that. It’ll be a big movie, so I can’t say anything about it.

The last question: When did your dad ask you to make one?

I started making one as a boy. As I was sitting at home making my drawings, my grandfather called a day and said, “Hey, that’s a beautiful horse.”

By Dr. Mercola

While most Americans think of the sugar industry as a monster responsible for everything from heart disease to obesity, its biggest foe may not be the industry itself. Sugar-laden beverages—such as soda—are responsible for one out of 10 deaths, according to researchers at University of Michigan and the University of