How do you draw a Lamborghini?

A thousand, right? [laughs] This is the Lamborghini I’m designing for the show.

“It is a true masterpiece of art with the combination of everything—a beautiful form in terms of the body, the engine, the transmission. It is a masterpiece of automotive design that is very challenging.”

There’s a couple of cars on the show you might not have seen before.

On the show, there’s something called the Ferrari LaFerrari. It’s the highest performance car ever made at the time it was made. It’s a supercar!

We have another car. It’s a Puma, and you can learn that in the show.

We have a car that looks like a Bugatti. If you put it on this show car, it’s going to be absolutely amazing.

It’s a car so beautiful, it just begs to be on that stage; it would be crazy to let it go on the runway. The thing is, I just want to do it right, and I think the world would be a better place without that car on the runway.

There are two very special cars because so much technology got thrown into them. It’s amazing.

You say it, we know. That’s the most amazing car that I’ve been on the show with. But we did some other beautiful pieces, though, like this car.

I really want to do a Caravaggio car but we won’t have a Caravaggio. It’s a great car but he’s done it but we never had his Caravaggio.

And so there’s a series of cars that you’re working on…

Caravaggio, Caravaggio. I love to design cars, and I think all artists, you’re so used to working on a lot of different things, but you work on one idea and you go into infinity and beyond.

We have one of my favorite things about being in the show is, you don’t even have to create this car because you don’t even have to design it. You just go in and you work and it’s just amazing working with these amazing people and creating something that would totally make any collector very happy.

In the show, you’re working with other designers. What kind of projects are people bringing you up on?

I did one with another incredible designer—this will sound kind of weird, but he is an art student